What is STTC?

Spill The Tea Cafe (STTC) is a inclusive mental health clinic focused on adolescents. Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to mental health challenges due to the unique social, emotional, and developmental challenges they face. STTC is a specialized healthcare facility that aims to provide comprehensive and evidence-based treatment and support to adolescents struggling with mental health issues. The goal of STTC is to promote the mental hea... Learn more


Our Services

Welcome to Spill the Tea Cafe, where we are committed to supporting your mental and emotional well-being through a variety of tailored therapeutic options:

Individual Therapy: Receive personalized support in a safe and confidential environment. Our experienced therapists will assist you in exploring your thoughts and feelings, developing coping strategies, and working towards your goals.

Group Therapy: Join a supportive community where you... Learn more


We provide a safe space for teens where they can hang out, drink boba, play games, study, and join group therapy.

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The café is a great place to get to know other teenagers and learn about yourself. For me, it helped me uncover my true self, connect with other LGBTQ+ peers, and become comfortable in my own skin without worrying about discrimination and hostility. We don't have to worry about being our actual selves because everyone is so understanding and supportive of everyone. I would 10/10 recommend.

Mar 13, 2023

Spill the Tea Cafe is a great resources for teens looking for mental health services, a place to socialize, or even just to hang out. I have found community being at Spill the Tea and I am so grateful that this type of place exists. I love how open and welcoming everyone is and that it provides a space for teens to be themselves. Spill the Tea is an amazing resource for teens and I think that spaces like these should be more common.

Mar 14, 2023
Monessa M.

Amazing relaxing free space that has been helpful to my teen in making friends and feeling safe where they can relate to their peers. They have a playstation, boardgames, free boba tea, coffee, hot tea, a place to do homework, and a quiet place for relaxing. They also offer therapy. LGBTQ friendly.

Mar 14, 2023

Areas Covered

We are located in O'ahu, but virtual appoitments are available via Telehealth statewide


Debit & Credit Cards accepted
Gender Neutral Restrooms
Free Wifi
Gaming area
Study space
Parking available
Insurance accepted
Wifi on the premises

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